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Exclusive Bhutan Luxury

Luxury travels to Bhutan impress you with itineraries that are highly personalized and most meaningful based upon the interest of the individual guest. For us, luxury doesn’t only mean high-end hotels and comfortable rides; we also value exclusivity because we care for your limited time in Bhutan with us. Comfortable beds and good food at the end of the day without the choice of exclusive tour itineraries doesn’t define luxury for us!

We strive to make every minute you spend with us a value for every penny you spend because with our exclusive tour packages, you can make unforgettable memories. In that short time you spend in Bhutan with us, whatever you spend will be so forgettable because the memories you take away will be just unforgettable.

Our exclusive tour packages are meticulously designed to suit your time and liking without unnecessary hustles.  The itineraries will be personalized and most meaningful.  The details of the itinerary will be tailor-made for you and most importantly, when designing the itinerary, we listen to you first and then offer our years of experience in dealing with such travel designs so that you get the most out of your time in Bhutan.

Comfort and exclusivity, because you matter!

Discover Bhutan Luxury

Aman Private Expedition

  • 4Days
  • Luxury
  • 0 reviews

Wellness Retreat

  • 4 Days
  • Luxury
  • 0 reviews
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